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UCCS2113 - Communication Network Assignment

7. Identify the kinds of services of ISPs in Malaysia. Compare the services and pricing .

Kinds of ISPs in Malaysia

In Malaysia, local IPS provides different kind of online services for Malaysia Citizen to utilize. Internet nowadays is playing an important and essential role for all the people around the world. In Malaysia, it is one of the infrastructures which is fully supported and encouraged by the government in order to increase the Malaysia citizen knowledge and standard of living. In fact, the number of internet user in Malaysia is growing rapidly.

The ISP services can be categorized into three categories, they are:-

i)Wired Broadband
ii)Wireless Broadband
iii) Dial-up connection

Example of typically kinds of ISPs services in Malaysia:-

1) TMnet

Kinds of services provided:

i) TMnet 1515 - Malaysia's dial-up Internet connection, comes with speeds of
   up to 56.6kbps, can be accessed simply by using a computer and modem
   connected over a normal telephone line.

ii) TMnet 1525 - a fully digital public network (ISDN) gives an end-to-end
   digital dial-up service that allows us to carry multimedia applications such as
   voice, data, image and video at high speeds of up to 128kbps.

iii) TMnet streamyx - broadband access service, which stays perpetually
    connected to the Internet with speed bandwidths of 512k up to 2mbps.


Kinds of services provided:

i) JARING Flite - A broadband service provided by JARING.
ii) JARING Personal Dial-Up - A dial up internet service which having a
   56kbps rate.

3) TIME Broadband

Kinds of services provided:

i) TIME Broadband Webbit - is an abbreviation for Wireless Enhanced
   Broadband Internet. The Webbit offers a state-of-the-art digital wireless
   broadband service direct to your premise. It is a broadband solution that   
   delivers high-speed Internet access wirelessly, eliminating the dependency
   on telephone lines and slow dial-up connections.

ii) TIME Broadband HomeNet –Wired broadband Internet
    connection service for home with the connection speeds of up to 448kbps.

4) AtlasOne

Kinds of services provided:

i) AtlasOne WOW Broadband! - 2.5GHz wireless service is an 'always-on'
   high-speed broadband connectivity with a difference. At high speed Internet
   access of up to 512 kbps, it is 10 times faster than Dial-up Service and
   don't need phones line to get connected to the internet!

Different kind of online services are provided by different ISPs in order to satisfy the different demand of the entire customer.

Comparison (TMnet streamyx and Jaring Flite)
In this section, I will compare two types of online broadband services which are commonly and wisely used in Malaysia, they are TMnet Streamyx and Jaring flit.

Comparison of TMnet Streamyx and Jaring flit.


The TMnet Streamyx is a most commonly used broadband service provides in Malaysia. The main reason is due to the larger service coverage area and speed provided. The Jaring Flit is not popular as compared to Tmnet streamyx due to it smaller coverage area which is only available in KL area only. But Jaring Flit does provide the same level of competitive pricing and services as Tmnet Streamyx and the Jaring is actually upgrading and increasing their broadband services in order to gain larger market.

If Jaring can increase the speed and coverage area of the Jaring Flit, I believe that it will become the main alternative and competitor of Tmnet streamyx. As what we say, monopoly services is not a good situation for customer but only the higher competitive market will benefit the customer the most as better and more efficient services will be provided. So we hope that the market can have more alternative thus provide wider choices for customer.