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UCCS2113 - Communication Network Assignment

Welcome to Howey Teng website. Initially i would like to thank Mr.Simon Seow who gives me the oppoturnity to learn and study Communication Network this subject. Through this website, i will briely discuss two questions which are :

a) The history of the Internet.
b) IPV6 and why it is being adopted.
c) Explaination about DNS, HTTP, FTP, Hub, Switch, Firewall,   
d) Network Topology which include Router, Hub, Switch, PC,
    DNS Server, Firewall, Email Server, Proxy Server.
e) The use of proxy server setting in Utar Network Enviroment.
f)  IPtable and Why it is being adopted.
g) Different kind of ISPs in Malaysia.
h) Wireless LAN.
i)  The Importance of Network Security & legitimacy in Computer

Drawing of computer; Size=180 pixels wide
Personal Details

Name : Teng Yee Hau

Student ID : 05UCB02552

Course : ISE Year 2 Sem 3